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(M+D Archive) I Beg Your Pardons?

Donald Trump has been busy with his pardoning pen, issuing clemency and pardoning various convicted criminals seemingly at random and at will. Some of those people seem, at first glance, to be perhaps less deserving of such generosity than would be expected. But is there rhyme or reason to all this? Perhaps...

(M+D Archive) Coronaviruses

This is not the first Coronavirus rodeo. The family of viruses from which the current 2019 novel Coronavirus sprang has several endemic, non-threatening variants, and two very, very big siblings, SARS and MERS. So while you should probably take any government assurance that there's no trouble and everything is ok with a pinch of salt (or in the case of a totalitarian government, a whole mine full of the stuff), Coronaviruses themselves aren't as scary as they look right now. Mostly.

(M+D Archive) An Uncertain Brexit Future

It was Brexit Day, on Friday. The United Kingdom today is finally no longer a member of the European Union, and it feels strange. It feels wrong. We face, we're told, an uncertain future. That's not something anyone should say with any ease or confidence, but here we are, in the triumph of the uncertainties, with flag waving revellers treating the advent of Brexit like a football away trip.

(M+D Archive) Saracens, and the Ethics of Cheating

The biggest scandal in the history of rugby, at least here in what we call the Home Nations is rolling onwards, and with a huge development over the weekend. Saracens rugby club, winners of multiple recent trophies at home and in Europe have accepted automatic relegation from the Premiership as punishment for their repeated breaches of the salary cap imposed by the league. But this does not end here, the consequences will roll on, to Leinster next, where Saracens play in the European Cup, and to the Championship where Saracens will play next week, and out into rugby as a community.

(M+D Archive) Extinction Prevention

Extinction Rebellion is probably a group you know about, and the chances are you already have opinions on them. That's ok, no worries. But they're being policed in here in the UK in a manner that you might not be ok with, regardless of your political opinions on them. A Storm Brendan studio live episode.

(M+D Archive) Is The Storm Blown Out?

Last night a storm blew itself out over the UK. Can we hope that the same happened metaphorically, in the Middle East? Iran gave us the best possible chance of that happening last night, in its attack on US bases. But surely it's too soon to hope, with Donald Trump involved...

(M+D Archive) Wait... isn't this about Iran?

The reality is stark: America attacked and killed Iraqi military personnel. There is an appropriately large emphasis on Iran at the moment, and its reaction to recent American actions. But America didn't only attack Iran. It also killed the personnel of Iraq, its regional host, its ostensible ally, and the nation it has been claiming to nurture in a post-Saddam democratic nation building exercise.

(M+D Archive) War Crimes

So, Donald Trump probably committed a war crime already. No matter how bad someone is, assassinating them in peace time is probably completely illegal. Unfortunately if you were holding out hope that this situation wasn't going to go in an outright illegal direction, Trump set things straight over the weekend by assuring us that yes, war crimes are his stated intention.

(M+D Archive) Assassination and World War Three

Today a man was killed, on the orders of President Donald Trump. The man was an Iranian General, in charge of that country's paramilitary overseas asymmetric warfare group, the Quds Force. Why did it happen, why now, and why does this kind of thing happen so rarely? Assassination, openly and proudly committed, is a very rare thing in the world of modern states. Will there be World War Three?

(M+D Archive) Ruining Dry January. (And Australia is STILL on Fire.)

Well, it's January, and time to be nice to our livers and try to right the listing ship of our poor, overworked bodies after the holiday season. It's good to quit alcohol for a while, and give yourself a rest. But what about all the good things alcohol does for us? Did you think about them?

(M+D Archive) Antisemitism Is Stupid

It was Hanukkah! At least, when you hear this the 8 day Jewish festival celebrating a revolt in 167 BCE will be over. And when you hear this there will still be antisemitism, sadly. Today there was an attack on the home of a Rabbi, during a celebration. Five people were stabbed. Then in London, antisemitic graffiti was daubed on a synagogue and on businesses. Why?

(M+D Archive) The Spirit of Consumer Christmas

People say Christmas is under attack. It isn't. But its place in the world is definitely in flux, as society moves away from the need for a great midwinter feast, and towards modern post 20th Century consumerism. Fortunately Christmas is well able for the challenge.

(M+D Archive) Orbital Insertions. (And Australia is Still on Fire.)

I'm in Dublin, where I'm from, and Lupo isn't. Because the fires in Australia are still going on today, we start there, and with Scott Morrison. Then we go on to talk about a spacecraft with a problem, and finally get to doing some culture with the Apple+ TV show "For All Mankind."

(M+D Archive) Australia Is On Fire

If you're in Sydney, Australia, you probably shouldn't breathe. New South Wales is experiencing the worst fire season in history, and Sydney is blanketed in smoke and rained on by ash. This is unprecedented, and appalling. And Lupo has conjunctivitis too.

(M+D Archive) Just Don't Do Anything. At All.

We're back after a brief midweek break, and back outside at the river. And the President of the United States of America has been impeached! Only the third time ever, and the first time since Nixon that the impeachment hearings have been entirely legitimate. So why is absolutely nothing about to happen?

(M+D Archive) Election Sports!

A quick after the weekend election catch-up accidentally turns into a chat about the hidden biggest impact and change of the election here in the UK, and then I get into the real topic of the show, sports washing and the case of Mesut Özil.

(M+D Archive) A New Dawn

So yesterday was a disaster. There was an election and it did not go well. So I talk a bit about how bad it feels, and how the result turned out the way it did, counter to what most people expected. And I talk about how the Tories are still Tories, not Brexit Bogeymen. There's a bad simile and a squirrel, but no Lupo because he had to stay home.

(M+D Archive) Voting Is Fun!

It's Election Day! The people of Britain are voting and so am I. Lupo and I went to the polling place, but only one of us was allowed to vote. Listen to find out which of us it was! I talk about how much I love voting, and why this election is important.

(M+D Archive) Hiding In A Fridge

The Prime Minister was hiding in a fridge, in a neat encapsulation of everything that's wrong with the Tories' engagement with the public. We talk about why the PM prefers LBC to appearances to actual debates, and thankfully get back out in the weather, after yesterday's boomy indoor recording.

(M+D Archive) Just Bash The Beeb

What was really going on when Boris Johnson suggested he might remove the BBC Licence Fee? Was it just a simple case of deflecting attention from his bad press?

(M+D Archive) Political Pneumonia

Boris Johnson demonstrates an appalling lack of empathy, and we talk about the NHS and walk through a tunnel, twice.

(M+D Archive) Tactical Voting

In which I spend absolutely ages getting wet on a rainy, dreich day, and record almost an hour long show. There's a goose, that I misidentify as a duck, I get drowned out by a weir, and I talk about tactical voting, along with some of its problems and alternatives.

(M+D Archive) An Honest Message

What is the meaning of "people of talent," when the Prime Minister uses it to describe immigrants? Did it secretly mean "people of colour" regardless? Me And The Dog begins, appropriately, with dog whistles.

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