(M+D Archive) War Crimes

So, Donald Trump probably committed a war crime already. No matter how bad someone is, assassinating them in peace time is probably completely illegal. Unfortunately if you were holding out hope that this situation wasn't going to go in an outright illegal direction, Trump set things straight over the weekend by assuring us that yes, war crimes are his stated intention.

If there wasn't enough to be appalled and scared about in America assassinating an Iranian leader, the prospect of further war crimes, and the threat to attack Iranian culture and engage in purely symbolic air strikes has laid to rest any potential hope that this crisis might see wisdom and common sense prevail. The president of America threatened to commit war crimes in response to any retaliation that might follow his last war crime. It's a complicated situation, but a very simple moral principle. Don't line yourself up alongside Isis and the Taliban if you don't want to be counted among them.

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Ev Buckley