(M+D Archive) Voting Is Fun!

It's Election Day! The people of Britain are voting and so am I. Lupo and I went to the polling place, but only one of us was allowed to vote. Listen to find out which of us it was! I talk about how much I love voting, and why this election is important.

I love voting, the physical act of it. I go to the polling place and cast the ballot into the box, and it feels great! I recommend it to everyone. And in this episode, I talk about why you should do it too and feel great like I do. How your vote will resonate, and why you can feel like you did your part through the whole next parliament. Go out and vote before 10pm today, and listen to this if you need to motivate yourself to go, as I tell you why the act of voting is such a wonderful thing.

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Ev Buckley