Trump vs Obama vs Tyson vs Spinks

In 1988 Mike Tyson became Lineal Heavyweight Champion of the World by defeating Michael Spinks. Watching the fight today, there is a very incongruous mention by the announcer: The name Donald Trump. The fight was at his hotel, or so it seemed. Is it possible to equate Obama v Trump to Tyson v Spinks? Well, spoiler alert, no it isn't. The only Obama v Trump fight is going on 24/7 in Trump's head, and the clash of two highly skilled, deserving champions in Tyson and Spinks is not exactly indicative of the, ah, discrepancy in political ability between Trump and Obama. But why compare the two at all? Well...

Donald Trump probably does like some people of colour. But he probably likes them in roles and contexts in which he can understand them, namely the role of being paid to entertain him. And he does like plastering his name on things that aren't really his, in an effort to gain publicity by associating himself with anything that will draw a crowd, be it a virtual one, of minds and eyeballs, or an actual one to the convention centre next to his hotel. Hence plastering his name on the Tyson v Spinks fight, and on calls for the death penalty for the innocent Central Park Five, and on allegations of the entire Mohawk nation being criminals. He's certainly not shy about it. So it's strange to think that he took it so personally when Barack Obama stood in front of a photoshopped image of the name Trump on the White House, in 2011. The room laughed, and Trump found his new calling in life: Hating Obama. A lot of things flowed from that moment, including Trump suddenly waking up to criticism of his Covid-19 response, just as soon as it came from a certain former President. Sadly, waking up to it didn't mean acting to change it. The central idea from Trump, even with tens of thousands of Americans dying, was still Obama.

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Ev Buckley