Trump Tax

What can I say, I picked the right time to come back! Two days into the new run and Donald J Trump delivers the goods, his disastrous tax details giving the political podcasters of the world fields full of grass to make hay with. This one is going to run and run, so here's a quick rundown of why his abysmal tax payments and $70,000 haircuts aren't the big story. There are much bigger consequences revealed by the New York Times story.

It won't shock anyone to hear that Donald Trump has not been truthful about his taxes, and the millions he has claimed to have paid have turned out to be hundreds instead. But what is shocking, to those still able to be shocked by him, are the hundreds of millions in personal debt, money that he owes himself and that he cannot write off against his many businesses and other ventures. He has to face this coming financial onslaught himself. Or perhaps there are those wiling to assist him in these trying times? People who, of course, would have none but the best of intentions towards America, its population and its policies, right? By the time this is over, Donald, and the world, might well be wishing he was only compromised by a fetish sex tape from a Moscow hotel...

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Ev Buckley