The Lost Words, A Book of Spells and Nature

The Lost Words, by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris is a beguiling book the captures the magic of the kind of nature that's all around us, every day. And it has an important mission, to save the words we might lose and stop them from fading away forever. I saw an eagle once, wild, up close and on the wing. And I saw an owl the same way. I found it hard to describe them, the words weren't there. Let's not lose them.

The Lost Words is a gorgeous object, a wonderful thing to hold and behold, and it is a trove of wordplay and artistry. It reminds me of the times I've been closest to nature, and to the natural world, the headline moments that stand out in my memory, like beacons. So I tell the story of an encounter with an eagle, as close as I ever want to be to one in the wild, and an owl in the antipodes. And there's a poem about a newt, the lion of the pond, and the predator you didn't know your garden had. But most of all there's a book, a big, inviting, beautiful book that we all should own and cherish and adore. A masterpiece of words and illustration and a joy from start to finish.

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Ev Buckley