(M+D Archive) Tactical Voting

In which I spend absolutely ages getting wet on a rainy, dreich day, and record almost an hour long show. There's a goose, that I misidentify as a duck, I get drowned out by a weir, and I talk about tactical voting, along with some of its problems and alternatives.

Yes there's a goose, and to be clear the sound of my voice is drowned out by the weir, it's not a literal thing where I get drowned, out by a weir. Today I'm talking about tactical voting, some of the reasons it's a bad thing, or at least it's bad to have to do it and it means your voting system is broken. I touch on the American Electoral College and third party candidates, tactical voting in the upcoming election here in the UK, the godawful mess that is First Past The Post in single seat constituencies, and the greatest voting system of them all, all things to all voters, Proportional Representation by Single Transferable Vote.

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Ev Buckley