Suffering Fuels (Enduring Planet Of The Humans.)

I had to watch Planet Of The Humans. If I didn't do it, you might have, and I was willing to sacrifice myself to avoid that eventuality. This is not a good film, either as a documentary piece or as a set of convincing arguments about renewable energy sources and their supposed problems, damaging the environment even as they purport to save it. That those imagined problems are the fever dreams of the fossil fuel industry never gives Jeff Gibbs pause, and the lack of self reflection evident in that is unfortunately the nicest thing one can say about the film.

Would you be shocked to learn that a few square feet of solar panels can't run an entire rock concert? Jeff Gibbs thinks you're going to have your world turned upside down by this fact, and others like it. It turns out that they don't find silicon for semiconductors on the beach, they actually mine it out of the ground. Billionaires are investing in green energy and funding environmental groups, and biomass has massive emissions numbers. These, and other shocking (not shocking) revelations pepper The Human Planet, a film that, at its heart is not made in good faith. It is obfuscating, and it spends 100 interminable minutes rehashing old arguments long debunked, playing with statistics, and presenting opinion as fact. It pushes a damaging agenda and you're only going to be worse off for enduring it as I did. Don't watch it, but do listen to this episode of Ev On Everything, which is half as long, is somehow 1000% more factual while in fact being entirely made up of pure opinion.

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Ev Buckley