(M+D Archive) Ruining Dry January. (And Australia is STILL on Fire.)

Well, it's January, and time to be nice to our livers and try to right the listing ship of our poor, overworked bodies after the holiday season. It's good to quit alcohol for a while, and give yourself a rest. But what about all the good things alcohol does for us? Did you think about them?

After a quick reminder that Australia is still on fire, it's time to tackle the age old challenge faced by every tippling sipping enthusiast: Dry January. Instead of talking up the merit that I'm sure exists in taking month off the sauce, I take this opportunity to share a few thoughts on the place of alcohol in my life, and my culture, and some of the reasons I love it so much. And also how thankful I am that I seem to have a naturally self limiting, healthy relationship with the drink.

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Ev Buckley