Respecting The Disrespectable

We're back, after our unannounced hiatus! And today we're talking about something missing from our contemporary political discourse: Respect. Sure, the politicians we're most concerned with today are among the least respectable people to ever walk the earth, but what about the rest? The disrespectable-by-association? The way we treat them is a big problem, these days. Why is it a problem to disparage a politician, of all people? Listen on, to find out!

Kier Starmer is a name you might not know, if you aren't living in the UK. The new Labour Leader would have been seen as a perfectly safe pair of hands only a few years ago. That was up until the sitting Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was shown to have orally violated a dead pig's head with his penis, and didn't resign. That almost unfathomable display of political neck led directly where we are today. Stripper poles, pussy grabbing, and pig violation just aren't what they used to be in terms of embarrassment and opprobrium. And the new Labour Leader finds himself a decent man in the middle of a left-to-right mud slinging match designed to stick to people who stick it to pigs, not distinguished public prosecutors. 

Who should we aspire to be governed by, if this is how we treat all who govern? The new language of unshame is as contagious as any virus...

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Ev Buckley