Policing For Some Isn't Policing At All

How do you fix the police? How do you reform what's patently and obviously unreformable, a community of people who reject outright the idea that they might ever be answerable to anyone, and use the opportunity to decisively choose a new and better path to instead escalate their behaviour beyond any hope of redemption? You can't, is the answer. Reform won't work, because it never has. Is it time, again, to talk of Abolition?

The situation in American policing has very clearly become completely untenable. It doesn't appear to be in a place from which it can move forward, in any way. A clean break with the past will be necessary to restore the confidence and belief of black people, the wider community of people of colour, and America in general in their police forces. Evidence appears to be incontrovertible that on top of the history of killing of black Americans by police, and the legacy of brutal policing, the present of American policing is far more violent and brutal than many of us had believed. People have called for defunding of police, who have incredibly large budgets, but some want to go farther.

They want to abolish the police entirely. Many critics of that idea say it's unworkable, those that don't simply consider it insane and impossible. But is it? has there ever been a police service of the scale of an American state that was scrapped entirely, and replaced with something else? Yes there has. Did the community collapse into anarchy overnight? No it did not. In fact, police violence dropped drastically? So, this must have been in some idyllic paradise where people believed in the police and their communities, a peaceful place suited to such a change?

It was in Northern Ireland.

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Ev Buckley