(M+D Archive) Orbital Insertions. (And Australia is Still on Fire.)

I'm in Dublin, where I'm from, and Lupo isn't. Because the fires in Australia are still going on today, we start there, and with Scott Morrison. Then we go on to talk about a spacecraft with a problem, and finally get to doing some culture with the Apple+ TV show "For All Mankind."

It's nearing Christmas, and I haven't stopped putting out shows yet. Even without Lupo, late at night, in Dublin, I decided to go for it and throw one up. Scott Morrison is trying to pretend he believes in Climate Change while doing nothing about it, and trying to say he cares about the victims of fires in New South Wales while prioritising his holiday over them. Boeing aren't just bad at making medium sized airliners, but have seen a major issue with their new spacecraft. That leads me to talk about a sleeper should-be-a-hit TV show that is relevant to that situation and that also happens to be excellent and well worth your time.

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Ev Buckley