Michigan Militias, And Everything They Stand For

If you hadn't heard of Michigan Militias before the last week or so, you certainly have now. How did they end up implicated in the plot to kidnap and execute a sitting State governor? How did they get so powerful (debatably) and influential that the President is reaching out to them with his support, via Tweet? How worried should America be about them with only three weeks until Election Day?

People really did try to kidnap, try and execute a sitting governor of an American state. And they didn't do it out of the blue, they weren't outliers, nor were they following a politics or a creed foreign to the other militias for where they came. Militias are pseudo paramilitary organisations, and they are based around extreme readings of the US Constitution, and some pretty strange interests in 250 year old law and precedent. They are also prepping for a major showdown at the time of the Election, and Donald Trump not only couldn't be happier that they're doing it, but he is actively encouraging them, and directing them in the only way he knows how, via Twitter. Who are the biggest threat to American democracy, bigger than Russia, bigger than the Republican party itself? Well, the people planning on disrupting the entire election with armed force, and who reserve to themselves the right to shoot anyone who commits a crime, a crime for instance like disagreeing with them about the Constitution...

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Ev Buckley