(M+D Archive) Locked Down, But One Small Village of Indomitable Gauls...

Britain is Locked Down, but pub chain Wetherspoons is displaying a monumentally foolhardy insistence on staying open. And on not paying its staff. Perhaps they are unfamiliar with public opinion. Or riots. People though, they're staying in, working together to keep us all safe. Staying at home can be bad for your mental health, but adversity can be a tonic. And we lost this week the indomitable Albert Uderzo, who shaped a great deal of my childhood, and to whom I owe as much of who I am today as I do to any writer or artist.

So various companies are responding differently to the lockdown. Some are resistant to the idea of basic social responsibility, others are finally seeing a little disruption of their own after disrupting perfectly good industries themselves. Airbnb, for instance. People staying in might take some strength from the common thought that perhaps meaning and purpose could be added to their lives by some crisis or catastrophe, and that might save us from some of the worst mental health effects of being locked down.

Albert Uderzo created some of the most important stories of my life, and the memories I have of reading his work in the library near my home in Dublin are very dear to me.  He passed away this week at age 92, and I'm both deeply sad, and delighted also to be reminded once again of his work. If we weren't locked down, I know where I'd be today. In the library, with Asterix and Obelix.

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Ev Buckley