What To Take With You When You're Leaving Lockdown

Rumblings are beginning, disturbing the quiet solitude of isolated life, that we might be approaching the end of lockdown. Naturally there are good reasons to end lockdown, after all we can't stay this way until the entire economy collapses. There are reasons not to too, like all the dying people. But lockdown life isn't without its benefits, and in some ways it's showing us some of the things we've lost in the modern world. Some of the lockdown end games are sensible, like Ireland's and Scotland's, some, like America's barely count as plans at all. But they all must end eventually. Could we take this opportunity to keep a few of the changes? To make a few more?

The calm streets and quiet life of lockdown feels good. The stress of city living is relieved a little, and some of the rough edges have been smoothed out, ones we maybe thought were an inevitable part of city living. A lot of things we thought couldn't be done have been done, thanks to our concerted effort to save lives. We now find ourselves needing to create a set of rules that allow us to leave lockdown carefully, learning as we go. We can use those rules to exert a double effect, on Covid-19 and on our society and some of the ills we thought it was stuck with.

What if we returned to allowing some travel underneath an air pollution cap, and we never again allow our cities to become the sickening, choking places they were before lockdown?

What if we support our music communities by opening bars and nightclubs that guarantee live music, to support musicians hit hard by the lockdown?

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Ev Buckley