(M+D Archive) Just Don't Do Anything. At All.

We're back after a brief midweek break, and back outside at the river. And the President of the United States of America has been impeached! Only the third time ever, and the first time since Nixon that the impeachment hearings have been entirely legitimate. So why is absolutely nothing about to happen?

Why is it entirely likely that Donald Trump's trial in the US Senate will be delayed, for up to a year? Isn't this open and shut case time, even allowing for the Republican Party lining up foursquare behind him? Well, in the distant past of 2016, before the world went crazy, a precedent was set for just refusing outright to engage with a normal political process, as a way to subvert it completely. And it looks like it's about to happen again! Let's look at why there's about to be a year long shrug from House Democrats, then a clean hatchet job on the Trump Presidency.

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Ev Buckley