(M+D Archive) Is This Crisis Showing Us At Our Best?

The markets are involved in a kind of crazy, voluntary Catch-22, and there are people actually buying £80 toilet paper on eBay. We let our airlines become paper thin financial shells, and we stopped valuing the workers who really contribute to our wellbeing and quality of life. And yes, Donald Trump managed to make it all even worse. Forgetting for a moment about the coronavirus itself, we talk a bit about the various economic ravages of the ongoing crisis and we wonder are we really at our best here? Some of us are. Some of us very much aren't.

They're cancelling gigs across the world, and some of the cancellations are mandatory, some are out of the good civic conscience of the artists. The former are insurable, the latter are very much not. The Government of Italy is nationalising an airline, and the government of America is trying to buy a vaccine and the exclusive rights to it, while their leader blames the whole catastrophe on the foreigners. Coronavirus may be appalling, terrible, terrifying and life threatening, but it doesn't ever seem to run out of material...

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Ev Buckley