(M+D Archive) Is The Storm Blown Out?

Last night a storm blew itself out over the UK. Can we hope that the same happened metaphorically, in the Middle East? Iran gave us the best possible chance of that happening last night, in its attack on US bases. But surely it's too soon to hope, with Donald Trump involved...

How did a ballistic missile attack on a US airbase, something that just a week ago would have started a war, become something that probably counts as a deescalation? And if that's what it is, can it be trusted, coming from Iran, and will America accept it and follow suit? Or does Donald Trump have more to say about this, and could there be a Boeing angle? Its corporate reputation could be tangled in this and complicate matters even more. All that's certain is that this does not end here, and Iran will not forget about the attack on their government. But perhaps we can hope the direct, tit-for-tat killing stops here?

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Ev Buckley