(M+D Archive) Hiding In A Fridge

The Prime Minister was hiding in a fridge, in a neat encapsulation of everything that's wrong with the Tories' engagement with the public. We talk about why the PM prefers LBC to appearances to actual debates, and thankfully get back out in the weather, after yesterday's boomy indoor recording.

Yes, the PM ran away from a journalist on live TV, managed to squeeze in a characteristic lie in the few seconds he was on air, and hid in a fridge. Why is he like this? Well, the party he represents has a strange approach to manifestoes: they wrote one the electorate would hate, and simply hoped never to have it scrutinised. Then they packed their whole front bench away and waited for this election thing to blow over. Since I forgot the social media plugs this time: Twitter @evbuckley and www.patreon.com/musichappens. 

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Ev Buckley