(M+D Archive) God Save The Queen Will Not Save You from Coronavirus

We do not have the right leadership to deal with the threat of Covid-19. That's obvious. After all, the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, doesn't even know how long it takes to sing the national anthem of the country he is a part of the supposed government of. The shambles staggers onward, with no end in sight, and the pandemic only gets worse in lockstep with the government response to it.

It's tragedy and farce all at once for the political classes over the Coronavirus outbreak, with Donald Trump talking in the past tense about a crisis that has het to even approach the high watermark of its death toll, and with Boris Johnson's government Borising its way around scheduling emergency meetings for the future when it's good and ready to have them. And some of the regular people aren't far ahead in the lunacy stakes, stockpiling comfort luxuries and causing hoarding-triggering shortages by hoarding. We can hope this is the low ebb of the crisis, before we all cop ourselves on and start coming together to deal with it all, but here in the UK, anyway, this is the nation that voted for Brexit. And America voted for Trump... It's not actually darkest before the dawn, you know.

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Ev Buckley