Florian Schneider, An Appreciation

An appreciation of Florian Schneider, among the most influential and important musicians of the 20th Century. He gave me one of the most profound musical experiences of my life, and I'm forever grateful for his, and Kraftwerk's music.

If you've listened to popular music since the seventies, you've very likely listened to Florian Schneider, if not in his own work then in the work of others he was a great influence on. But unlike some acts who are influential, it's hard to imagine anyone else stepping into the Kraftwerk void. There's no Kraftwerk "B" to provide the direction into the electronic new country for recording artists faced with endless vistas of technology, who want to stick with their roots in popular rock music. 

But everyone talks about the immense influence of Kraftwerk. In this episode I start with the experience of listening to them, on albums and live, and the way Florian Schneider, with a vocoder, a synthesiser, and a voice, wrote himself into history.

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Ev Buckley