(M+D Archive) Extinction Prevention

Extinction Rebellion is probably a group you know about, and the chances are you already have opinions on them. That's ok, no worries. But they're being policed in here in the UK in a manner that you might not be ok with, regardless of your political opinions on them. A Storm Brendan studio live episode.

So there is this thing here in the UK, called Prevent. It sounds like a good thing, on the face of it. It's all about heading off extremist ideologies in individuals before they become a problem, or even dangerous. Having members of their community monitor their language for issues. Their community, monitoring their language.

Wait... doesn't that sound... totalitarian? And if it's about extremism, why is Extinction Rebellion on the list? They're a protest group, right? Not a dangerous terrorist group. Well, the UK government put them on a terrorist list, and now Prevent is suggesting that children who have problematic views on climate change should be reported to the police. This is wrong, and it's the subject of today's slightly weather afflicted Me And The Dog.

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Ev Buckley