(M+D Archive) Election Sports!

A quick after the weekend election catch-up accidentally turns into a chat about the hidden biggest impact and change of the election here in the UK, and then I get into the real topic of the show, sports washing and the case of Mesut Özil.

I had a terrible cold recording this episode, so in it I'm cooped indoors in a toasty warm room, with all the effects on audio quality of losing the lovely outdoors ambience, edits for Lupo interruptions, and my cold. Boris is already going full Trump, Labour are licking their wounds, and the Lib Dems are yet to emerge from their defensive foetal position on the floor of the Commons. The SNP are bullish, and oh yeah, there is a NATIONALIST MAJORITY IN NORTHERN IRELAND. That nobody is talking about. 

Then there's the sports washing, which has been going on for years, and which had a dim spotlight thrown on it this weekend as a major football star spoke out about human rights in a country his team would usually make millions from.

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Ev Buckley