Cymbals. They're Everywhere.

Cymbals are everywhere. Literally everywhere and you can't get away from them. Try it, and you'll only end up listening to The Velvet Underground and Einstürzende Neubauten forever. Why though? Why cymbals everywhere, and not anything else?

Yes, I did a show wholly and entirely about the way I find it very strange that there are so few kinds of music that don't involve cymbals in some way, be it big climactic symphony moments, smooth ride patterns in jazz, or grabbing crashes in metal. They're in religious ceremonies, they're in indie rock hits, and they're in every drum set on planet earth. You listen to music, you hear cymbals. Such is the way of things. It's strange that there's no instrument remotely so ubiquitous. They're ancient, too. Have we never come up with anything better?

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Ev Buckley