(M+D Archive) Crowning The Worst Coronavirus Leader

There are quite a few terrible Covid-19 responses to choose from. Among the front runners has to be Boris Johnson, who gloried in unsafe behaviour before contracting the illness himself. Naturally Donald Trump, finding new ways to stay exactly the same in the face of a global catastrophe, too. But there candidates are out there. Royals, and not the one you might think. Dictators, naturally. And what's worse, ridiculous satire-proof word-sewage, or calculated denial of the figures and statistics we need to understand Coronavirus and beat it?

Yes, it seems clear that the only horse in this particular race to the bottom has to be the one in the silk pyjamas of Donald J Trump, but petty selfishness isn't the only way to monumentally screw up a Covid-19 response. It's just one of the stupider ones. In the running of course are the United Kingdom and its herd immunity, and a special mention goes to Iran, with a strong effort in the field of outright denial and statistical lunacy. What of Brazil, though, where sewage swimming is seen as key to this whole crisis? And Thailand? We touch also on Donald Trump's hatred for his hometown of NYC, and Ireland's fast response to the spreading virus.

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Ev Buckley