(M+D Archive) Covid Thoughts

The second Covid-19 show is here, because Covid-19 is still here. Coronavirus is far from the only thing in the news, and wouldn't it be nice to talk about literally anything else? But no, it demands attention. At this point, we have to remake society around the virus, because it's not going anywhere. But maybe we needed a mirror held up to us, and maybe some of the things we think of as immutable, normal parts of our everyday lives will cease to be so fixed. And maybe that's a good thing...

Coronavirus is now touching every part of our global society, and we are obliged to act. Can we keep randomly hooking up on Tinder? (Yes, or we probably won't stop, anyway.) Is it more important to go to a football match, or a racing meet than it is to work in the same offices as our bosses? Can we keep treating sick employees as shirkers who need to be encouraged back to work with veiled threats to the advancement of their careers, or will we just have to accept that office blocks aren't sustainable in a world of respiratory pathogens? We were warned this was coming, and now it's here.

All this, and more, in today's Me And The Dog.

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Ev Buckley