(M+D Archive) Coronaviruses

This is not the first Coronavirus rodeo. The family of viruses from which the current 2019 novel Coronavirus sprang has several endemic, non-threatening variants, and two very, very big siblings, SARS and MERS. So while you should probably take any government assurance that there's no trouble and everything is ok with a pinch of salt (or in the case of a totalitarian government, a whole mine full of the stuff), Coronaviruses themselves aren't as scary as they look right now. Mostly.

SARS was a very, very scary outbreak. It came out of nowhere, and did most of its damage before we were ready to deal with it. And then it went away, as quickly as it came. MERS followed a decade later and it was even more dangerous, by some measures. And it resolutely didn't g anywhere at all. It's still with us. So what now, for our latest novel Coronavirus? Are we safe? Depends on how you look at it.

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Ev Buckley