(M+D Archive) Children In Government

So, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is going to have a baby. And I'm sure there was something about Boris Johnson and children that I remember being important. Unfortunately for us all, what the government feels is important isn't necessarily what is in fact important, and sometimes it's hard to find anything at all that they place any importance on. Not Coronavirus, not flooding, not their own drugs policy... it seems like this government are intent on being seen to place as little importance on anything as they possibly can.

So a man who isn't married has had a child. It's not news, except Boris has managed to make it news, because he's a man who has a history of denigrating single mothers, and who has refused to confirm the number of children he already has. A man who had the police called to his address over a serious concern about domestic violence, and who still uses the word "illegitimate" to describe children born out of wedlock. Which he currently is.

There are more important things to be concentrating on, of course, but the UK government, right now, doesn't seem to think anything at all is important enough to merit its time or attention. Its delayed response to Covid-19, its refusal to engage with flooding victims, and even its own drugs policy all speak of a government that simply doesn't care about anything at all, and is quite happy to be seen not to care.

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Ev Buckley