(M+D Archive) Bosses, and The Bossless Under Covid-19

The reaction of recording artists and (some of) the companies that support their work has been inspiring, finding new ways to connect with audiences, and never letting the scarily heavy financial hit they're taking stop them from doing their work. Streaming gigs from empty rooms, making sure audiences still exist, even if only virtually. The response from some bosses in other companies, though, has been less inspiring. Unless you count rage-inspiring.

Now you can go to gigs from the comfort of your own couch, and not feel like you're missing out! Support artists directly over Bandcamp, listen to live coded music in a marathon session at Euler Room, buy from bricks and mortar stores, like Monorail, or any number of ways that musicians have found to keep reaching audiences. This could genuinely birth whole new ways of organising our society and culture, centred on people, not on share prices and investment value.

But that's not much help if your boss is pressuring you to go to work in an office, unnecessarily and at great personal risk. Step forward Elon Musk, and many other less Twitter prone bosses for who minimising the crisis and keeping the factories open was the real priority here. How safe could you possibly feel under the leadership of someone who thinks it's useful to compare coronavirus deaths to WHO world rankings for mortality? Or just car crashes?

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Ev Buckley