Boris Returns To A World Changed, And Changed Utterly?

So, Boris Johnson is back at work, and the naively optimistic among us had been hoping that perhaps he might return changed, in some way a better leader for having experienced the challenge facing his people. Not so, on the strength of his first speech. But the world changed around him, in a scant few weeks, and he faces new challenges and problems. No longer is laughing at Premier League sex worker orgies the measure of the UK's reaction to lockdown.

So some people don't believe Boris Johnson was ever sick, thinking the Prime Minister would just take a few weeks of a sickie at the height of a national crisis to get a pity vote. It's hard to believe people believe that, but then, they believe in drinking bleach and swimming in sewage, at least according to their elected representatives they do. So Boris didn't change, but while he was in hospital the world changed. What had been a strangely light hearted approach to distancing and isolation, with people confident of their ability to come together and weather the storm began to shift to mild resentment, and to people flaunting rules. A new approach is needed. Boris was the wrong man before he went to hospital. Could he be the right man now?

It's Boris Johnson. So... no. He has to deal with enforcing the rest of social distancing and lockdown, fining offenders, and deciding what we can and can't learn from our experiences. And despite claiming to have learned from his recent experience, Boris may not be the man to learn from mistakes of any kind...

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Ev Buckley