Bees, Though.

Bees are wonderful. I absolutely love them, little tiny flying pandas with the wrong number of eyes and no conception of the existence of glass. I like helping them out of the window and on their way, and I like sitting among them in the garden. They're harmless entertainment and they do so much for us. Unfortunately they have developed a habit of very suddenly vanishing, from my garden, from their own hives, and from large parts of planet earth.

We're losing bees to pesticides, agricultural practises, and to them just straight up vanishing. And we're doing little or nothing to help, while doing a lot to hinder them. We're destroying meadows, impressing them into agricultural work, and malnourishing them too. And all they do all day is toil away, making honey, making flowers, giving us almonds and apples and tiny window-dramas of escape from our homes. We need to do more, like Ian Hamilton Finlay, to give them beautiful garden homes, and to rebuild their habitats. How can we lose? Who doesn't like tiny flying pandas?

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Ev Buckley