At Least The Pandas Had Sex

It's the first episode of Ev On Everything, formerly Me And The Dog! Today we're on about panda sex lives, and Venetian fish lives under Covid-19 Lockdown, and river dolphins, right whales, and giant ships. And from there we end up with externalities and capitalism, how much companies just love them, and how they've so far killed over 120,000 people with SARS CoV2 alone. There are eagles, too, and diesel engines, and lots of silt. Enjoy!

So, in a zoo in Hong Kong, two pandas finally found themselves in the mood after a 10 year dry spell. It's unclear what we can learn from this, but assuming it has something to do with the zoo being closed to the public for an extended period for the first time in these bears' lives, we can indulge in a little well directed speculation. What if we stopped flinging money at panda breeding programs, and maybe just let them get on with it? A little peace and quiet, and a little privacy? 

What if we did the same thing elsewhere? Baiji, right whales, supposedly Venetian dolphins, and actually Venetian swans? What if we just shut up for a while, and let them all relax and take it easy? It can't be that easy... For most market-oriented corporations, it's not that easy. Or at least, it's not that easy to leave things alone, and at the same time make piles and piles of cash to form into conscience-shaped mattresses to sleep easily on. But aren't we learning right now, that with the right motivation, we can in fact leave well enough alone, and well enough will, well, do well?

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Ev Buckley