(M+D Archive) Assassination and World War Three

Today a man was killed, on the orders of President Donald Trump. The man was an Iranian General, in charge of that country's paramilitary overseas asymmetric warfare group, the Quds Force. Why did it happen, why now, and why does this kind of thing happen so rarely? Assassination, openly and proudly committed, is a very rare thing in the world of modern states. Will there be World War Three?

Today the hashtag WWIII is trending on twitter. Is it with good reason? Do we need to worry that the killing of an Iranian General, someone steeped in blood and definitely no civilian, may lead to all out, world spanning conflict? Is this a Franz Ferdinand moment? It could be, Iran certainly has the wherewithal to make it that, and the dominoes are poised. 

What possessed Donald Trump to do this, and why doesn't everyone else do it constantly too? This is a very, very rare situation, and the ramifications are troubling. With the ball firmly in the Iranian court, what can we expect next?

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Ev Buckley