(M+D Archive) Antisemitism Is Stupid

It was Hanukkah! At least, when you hear this the 8 day Jewish festival celebrating a revolt in 167 BCE will be over. And when you hear this there will still be antisemitism, sadly. Today there was an attack on the home of a Rabbi, during a celebration. Five people were stabbed. Then in London, antisemitic graffiti was daubed on a synagogue and on businesses. Why?

Still in Dublin, I'm staring up at the stars without Lupo, and talking about the festival of Hanukkah and where it came from, sadly so I can explain why people committed hate crimes to coincide with it. I've wondered in the past why it is that so many people are antisemitic, when so few people are directly affected by Jews or the actions of Jews. Well, it has to do  with the reasons why someone wrote 9 11 on those London walls. I have no particular insights into jewishness or antisemitism, but speaking out on an issue like this is an obligation, so here goes...

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Ev Buckley