(M+D Archive) A New Dawn

So yesterday was a disaster. There was an election and it did not go well. So I talk a bit about how bad it feels, and how the result turned out the way it did, counter to what most people expected. And I talk about how the Tories are still Tories, not Brexit Bogeymen. There's a bad simile and a squirrel, but no Lupo because he had to stay home.

So the parties that won yesterday were those with a simple, clear message, and the parties that lost were the ones with a muddied, badly articulated message. Voters left Labour over racism, and went to a party with a major racism issue itself and voted in a leader with a history of using racist language and stereotypes. The SNP dominated Scotland soundly defeating every other party. The Liberal Democrats never got over their coalition problem, and the UK faces a difficult future, that we have to be wary of and prepared to engage with.

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Ev Buckley